Prime Directive:
Section 31 is formed as a partnership that specializes in increasing availability to the highest quality information technology, design, and education services possible.

The prime directive of Section 31 is to benefit all members of the community through open/shared information, practical education, social networking/engineering, and technical skill.


1. To Develop and maintain the most efficient/highest quality information technology, design, and education services possible to members of the community.

2. Provide clients with fair, flexible, and realistic pricing. The purpose of this is to increase availability of IT services and resources to the general community.

3. Improving the overall technical knowledge of our Partners, members, and clients whenever it is possible/appropriate.

4. Training interns with on-the-job IT/Design skills through accurate information, practical experience, and teamwork.

5. Build and maintain the most open, accurate, and clear body of knowledge regarding Information Technology.

6. Operate in a way which is mutually beneficial to everyone.

7. Develop and maintain an overall atmosphere of meaningful contribution, trust, open mindedness, and fun. This is done to ensure that the prime directive of Section 31 will actually be implemented and realized.

Keys to Success:

Fulfilling the Prime Directive on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation. Continuing to develop new innovations, solutions and research methods based on the best available information.

Members of Section 31 must be trustworthy, reliable, and proficient in their areas of expertise. Members should continuously work to improve themselves, the organization and thus the community as a whole. This will contribute to the long-term stability, security, and legitimacy of Section 31.


Section 31’s mission is to maintain and contribute to an open community of technology, education, art and ideas. This is done by opening access to technology and information. The idea is that a more knowledgeable, open, and self-actualized community will allow each member of that community a greater opportunity to contribute positively, thus building a stronger community and a stronger individual. This is mutually beneficial to everyone.

Section 31 is a resource based economic model.